# React

A React component to easily integrate the Caisson ID Check flow into your React app.

# <CaissonIDCheck />

The Caisson ID Check flow is exposed as a single component. The component is a button that you add to your app.

  apiKey="your public Caisson API key"
  customerID="1234" //how your systems identify the current customer.

# Required props

Name Type Description
apiKey string Your public Caisson API key. The API key can be found in the Caisson Portal Developer panel
onIdCheckCreated function Fired when the ID Check is created after the button is clicked. The handler will receive an idCheck object with the following fields:
  • check_exchange_token - a token for retrieving the Check's identifier
  • customer_id - the identifier provided when creating the button
  • url - the URL for the ID Check process
You should upload the check_exchange_token to your server for retrieving ID Check results. See Exchange Check Token for more details.
onIdCheckComplete function Fired when your user completes the ID Check flow on their mobile device. The handler receives no payload.

# Optional props

Name Type Description
customerID string Customer ID to be displayed in the Caisson console
appearance string light or dark