# Guesty

Guesty is a premier property management software used by property managers across the world to manage short-term rentals listed on multiple platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and Booking.com. Caisson's ID Check integration lets check your customers' id's anywhere in the rental process you like. Rent your properties with the confidence and rest assured that you know who's really staying with you.

# Installation

  1. Sign up for an account at Caisson
  2. Go to the Caisson Integration in your Guesty Dashboard and click "Connect." This will generate a Guesty API key you'll need for the next step.
  3. Go to the Developer Tab in your Caisson Dashboard and click "Add Integration" in the Guesty section. Add your Guesty API key. Your URL for Guests will then be displayed, and will look like:

You can use this URL as-is in Guesty's Automated Messages, or use it outside of the Guesty system by replacing with your reservation's confirmation code.

# Results

Caisson will update your reservation with a few fields as your guest performs their ID Check. These are available to you as variables in Guesty's Automated Messages.

  • id_check_completed : A boolean that will be true once the ID Check in completed.
  • id_check_passed : A boolean that will be true if the ID Check is completed with high confidence. If this is false after id_check_completed is set to true, consider reviewing the ID Check results before considering the ID Check usable.
  • id_check_result : The URL to the detailed results for this ID Check in your Caisson Dashboard.

# Questions?

Still have questions? Reach out and we'l be happy to discuss how Caisson can help you do more with your Guesty solution.