# Auth0

Auth0 provides first class authentication and authorization capabilities for apps across all platforms. Pairing Auth0 with Caisson ID Check adds real time, seamless, and reliable ID validation, letting you reliably know who your customers are as they register or login to your apps.

# Installation

  1. Sign up for an account at Caisson
  2. Go to your Caisson Developer Tab to fetch your Public and Private API keys
  3. Install the Caisson ID Check extension from the Auth0 Marketplace
  4. In Auth0, set the following configurations:
    • CAISSON_PUBLIC_KEY (required)
    • CAISSON_PRIVATE_KEY (required)
      • "-1"       : Registration only
      • "0"         : Always
      • "N > 0" : Minimum days between ID Checks during login
    • CAISSON_DEBUG (optional)
      • "true"   : Prints errors to the Auth0 debug console
      • "false" / empty

# Results

Once complete, your users will perform ID Checks while logging in as configured. The vast majority of ID Checks are valid and subsequently are marked as "Passed". These ID Checks allow the Auth0 login flow to continue. If the ID Check does not pass, it will be marked "Flagged" and the login will be denied.

Results will be added to the Auth0 user in the app_metadata caisson property.

  • idcheck_url : (link to your Caisson Dashboard with full ID Check results)
  • last_check   : The UTC timestamp of last ID Check
  • status             : Pass / Flagged status for the last ID Check
  • count              : The number of completed ID Checks


  "caisson": {
    "idcheck_url": "https://www.caisson.com/request/id_check_priv_key",
    "last_check": 1599514872508,
    "count": 42,
    "status": "passed"

You'll then be able to use these properties in subsequent Auth0 extensions, or in your app once the login is completed.