# Overview

Caisson ID Check provides a complete identity check solution with a variety of ways to integrate to suit your needs. ID Check extracts and validates the information on a US driver’s license, state issued identification card, or passport (private beta), and ensures the presenting party is the same as the document holder via state-of-the-art facial comparison. Only three pieces of data are needed to accomplish all of this: a photo of the front of the id card, a scan of the back of the id card (not needed for passports) and a selfie of the presenter.

Your customer uses the web browser on their mobile phone to complete the ID Check. There is no native app required, and you can customize the colors, logo, and company name via the settings page for a seamless experience that remains a part of your brand.

Screenshot of ID Check steps

# Using Caisson ID Check

There are multiple ways to integrate Caisson ID Check into your business. Each is designed to provide you with the flexibility you need while being as easy as possible for your customers to use. The JS Button is the best choice for integration into your website, and is our recommended method of performing an ID Check. If your integration needs are complex, however, we will help you architect a custom experience using our extensive REST API. We can also work with you to architect custom integrations in native mobile applications via our SDKs for iOS, Android, and Flutter. Lastly, if your not ready to fully integrate, the Caisson dashboard provides all the features you need to perform ID Checks with zero integration - the perfect solution for Operations or Customer Service teams that want to get started today.

# Fast-Track: No Coding Required

The Caisson dashboard is the absolute easiest way to use start checking IDs right away. From the dashboard, you can create ID Checks and send them to your customer via text message. You will then be able to track their progress and view the results in real time.

Screenshot of Dashboard

# JS Button

The JS Button is the best and easiest way to guide your customers through the ID Check process. It lets us manage everything needed to lead your user through the ID Check process for you. The JS Button creates new ID Check requests, tracks and reports back to you as your customers progress, and notifies you when they're done. Integration can be as simple as dropping a few lines of JS on your page, and full integration requires only a little more work on your server-side.

Screenshot of JS Button on laptop and mobile

# Custom Integrations & Mobile SDKs

If you're looking for a more advanced integration, we're here to help! Contact us to schedule some time to review your needs and receive detailed documentation on our ful REST API and Mobile SDK's.