For Developers

The simplest way to
check an ID online

ID Check JS Button

The easiest way to check IDs. With just a few lines of code you can seamlessly integrate the Caisson ID Check flow anywhere in your website.

Grab a button

Seamlessly checking driver licenses on your website with the ID Check JS Button is quick and easy.

The button launches the ID check flow right from the mobile browser. No need to download an app.

When the ID check is complete, you’ll be able to get the results on your dashboard, or programatically via the API.

Get your API Key

    <script src=""></script>

    // Initialize Caisson with your public API key
    var caisson = Caisson("{{your_caisson_public_key}}");
    var button = caisson.button({customer_req_id:"1234", appearance: "light"})

    button.on('idCheckCreated', function(idCheck){

    button.on('error', function(error){

    button.on('idCheckComplete', function(){
        // Go forth



ID Check API

If you’re a developer, there’s no easier way to get started checking IDs online than with our API.

1. Create an ID Check Request

Start an ID Check with one of your customers by simply hitting our new request endpoint.

    Content-type:  application/json
    Authorization: Caisson your_secret_api_key

2. Grab the link

You'll get back the request id (store this with your user data for future use) and URL for this ID Check. You can email it to your customer, text it, or simply show it on your website or app.

        "request_id" : "req_SMgso2KGzXLxT2I-g7oD2w",
        "url" : "

3. Get notified via webhook

Your customer will go through a quick ID Check process on their phone. Once they're done, we'll hit the webhook to notify you.

    request_id: req_SMgso2KGzXLxT2I-g7oD2w
    status: COMPLETED

4. Fetch the results

Now you’re ready to fetch the ID Check details by hitting the result API endpoint. You’ll need to pass in the request_id, and the list of fields you’d like to fetch back

Check out the API Docs

    request_id: req_SMgso2KGzXLxT2I-g7oD2w

        "request_id" : "req_SMgso2KGzXLxT2I-g7oD2w",
        "checked_on" : "2019-07-19T15:00:42.274684-04:00",
        "confidence" : {
            "license_to_selfie" : "high",
            "front_to_back" : "high"
        "info" : {
            "last_name" : "DOE",
            "first_name" : "JOHN",
            "sex" : "M",
            "dob" : "1989-06-30T00:00:00Z",
            "expires_on" : "2025-06-24T00:00:00Z",
            "address" : {
                "street" : "6 CROWN DR # 11B",
                "city" : "NEW YORK",
                "state" : "NY",
                "zip" : "10001",

No app to download

We've worked hard to move the photo-processing power of a native app into the mobile browser.


You get notified via webhook when the ID Check has been completed.

Structured data

ID Check results are available for you to fetch in JSON format.