For Developers

The simplest way to
check an ID online

Caisson is the quickest way to add an identity check to your website or app.

Built with developers in mind.

Easy integration

Add ID Check to your website or app with just a few lines of code.


Real-time events via webhook, so you can keep your systems up to date.

Structured data

ID Check results are available for you to fetch in JSON format.

ID Check JS Button

With just a few lines of JavaScript you can seamlessly integrate the Caisson ID Check flow anywhere in your website.

    <script src=""></script>

    // Initialize Caisson with your public API key
    var caisson = Caisson("{{your_caisson_public_key}}");
    var button = caisson.button({customer_id:"1234", appearance: "light"})

    button.on('idCheckCreated', function(idCheck){

    button.on('error', function(error){

    button.on('idCheckComplete', function(){
        // Go forth



Grab a button

Checking driver licenses on your website with the ID Check JS Button is quick and easy.

The button launches the ID check flow right from the mobile browser. No need to download an app.

When the ID check is complete, you’ll be able to get the results on your dashboard, or programatically via the API.

Check out the docs