About us

Caisson is creating the system of record for portable, verifiable, self-managed identities.

That starts with a more pragmatic goal: to make it easier for businesses and other organizations to reliably verify government-issued ID's. Verifying that people are who they say the are on the internet is the first step toward a world of trust and transparency online.

Derek Gottfrid and Ken Little, friends and colleagues for over a decade, know this problem inside and out. They've built numerous onboarding flows for two-sided marketplaces, and they've dealt with the frustration of a failed "know your customer" check by a bank firsthand. The fact remains that most identity verification systems available today are a loose workaround, and that leads to headaches for everyone involved.

The Caisson Identity Verification API begins to solve that problem. It's a simple, easy-to-use, no lock-in product that addresses the frustration Derek and Ken met so many times throughout their careers. From here, the mission is to address each and every obstacle and pain point in the identity and verification space to overhaul the ecosystem until it's as user friendly as an IRL handshake, and ultimately to empower people to own, control, and safely share their identity information.