About us

Caisson is creating the simplest, most accessible way to build trust online. We believe that when we know each other — when there’s a baseline of trust — we’re able to accomplish more together, faster.

We've started with a pragmatic goal: to make it easier for all businesses to reliably verify government-issued ID's — to perform an ID Check. Today the baseline of trust conveyed by an ID Check is out of reach for most companies online. We've built numerous products centered on trust, and found that most identity systems available are either a loose workaround or overly complicated. This leads to headaches for everyone involved.

Caisson ID Check solves this problem. It's a simple, easy-to-use, no lock-in product that addresses the frustrations we've met so many times when trying to build systems of trust. From there, our mission is to address each and every pain point in the identity verification process until it's as user friendly as an IRL handshake, and ultimately to empower people to own, control, and safely share their identity information.