Caisson Doublecheck API

Securely scan, extract, and verify your identity data

The Caisson Doublecheck API (beta) instantly and securely scans any United States-issued driver’s license and returns the data in a machine-readable JSON format, and verifies that the license data matches the embedded data, and checks that the faces are the same person.

Make sense of identity data

High-fidelity data extraction

The API translates an image of a license to machine-readable JSON data.

Secure facial verification

Doublecheck can match the headshot on a driver’s license to an optional selfie.

Real-time processing

No batch processing! Verification results arrive almost instantly, thanks to a simple REST API.

High confidence validation

Doublecheck matches the data extracted via the API with the data embedded in a barcode.

Generous free tier

Make 1,000 free API requests per month, without a minimum. After that, pay $0.50 per successful verification.

Serious security

Caisson was built with security at its foundation.

Simple to Use

Plug into the Caisson Doublecheck API in three easy steps, and start making sense of your identity data now.


Collect images of drivers’ licenses


Send images to the API


Receive structured data & verification scores

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