Caisson Identity &
Extraction API

The Caisson Identity Extraction and Verficiation API (Beta) enables digital use of real world identities by instantly extracting, structuring, and verifying United States driver's licenses. The API takes an image of the front of a license, extracts all relevant fields, and returns all information back in machine-readable JSON format. Optionally, if images of the back of the license and a selfie are supplied, the API will also cross-check and confirm all license fields against the barcode encoded data, and perform a facial comparison with the license photo to ensure they are the same person. The API currently supports all United States Driver's license.

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Data Extraction

Extracts all the relevant attribtues from US Driver's Licenses - Names, Address, Face, Gender, ID Number.

Face Comparison

Extracts the face from the driver's license and compares it to the supplied selfie using state-of-the-art technology.

Real-time API

No batch processing! All verifications are handled in real time over a simple REST api.

Data Validation

Ensures all ID data is consistent and with barcode encoded data on the driver's license.

1000 Free Requests per Month

No minimum, first 1000 verifications a month are free, and verifications thereafter are $0.50 per successful request (limits apply).


We take data security seriously.

Simple to Use


collect photos - driver's license , barcode, selfie

send to caisson api

recieve structure data and scoring

Use Cases

Sharing Economy
Peer 2 Peer

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