ID Check

The simplest way to check
your customer’s driver license.

Easy integration

No programming required. Everything is possible via the Caisson dashboard. Your ops team can start today.

Go to dashboard

Great for developers

Drop-in JS SDK for webscale implementation. Fully featured API gives you serverside access.

For developers

Best customer experience

ID Check works on any modern smartphone with no app to download. Customize the ID Check experience to match your company’s branding.

See it in action

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Take a selfie

We’ll compare the selfie to the image on the license with facial recognition to confirm they match.

2. Snap the front

Using computer vision, we’ll digitize your customer’s ID and ensure everything is in order.

3. Scan the back

Quickly scan the back of the license and we’ll automatically detect and decode the barcodes.

Get your customer’s digitized ID

We’ll return the processed data along with a confidence score for each license scanned.

No app to download

We’ve worked hard to enable the photo-processing power of a native app into the mobile browser.

Low cost

Pay as you go. No minimum commitment, plus volume discounts.

Security and Audit trail

Your customers’ data is protected. You’ll be able to easily see who from your company accessed sensitive data.